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Frequent questions

You have the choice of 2 sizes.

  • “THE FULL” (19’ 4 x 7’9 x 7’9 = 1150 cu.ft.)
  • “THE HALF” (9’ 8 x 7’9 x 7’9 = 575 cu.ft.)

We only purchase new containers. They are thoroughly cleaned before each use.

They are constructed from corten steel, and have timberfloors. The ceilings are sealed with a product called Grafo which reduces the effects of condensation, and they have ventilation panels to further minimize condensation.

WARNING – Corten steel must not be drilled or cut!

The yard is surrounded on all sides with palisade security fencing and CCTV cameras oversee the yard from various angles including the entrance/exit and you will also be provided remote access to cameras that cover your unit/s. The site is still being developed and the number of containers continues to grow. Each customer is given access to the electric gates and all entrance/exits are recorded.

You can access your storage unit as often as you like – 24 hours a day / 365 days a year. There are no limitations.

You can drive right up to the door.

Obviously only you have the privacy of knowing what you are going to store. Therefore insurance is up to you. We suggest that you speak with your household insurer.

We shall request from you a general overall description, which will be entered on the agreement.

Yes :- No flammables, gas cylinders, toxic substances, asbestos, perishables (such as food), or living creatures. All items must be your own, or held by you with the permission of the owner.

You can put up freestanding racking, but you must not under any circumstances drill into the container, which is constructed of corten steel. Repairs would use up all your deposit, and necessitate a demand from us for more! Please ask, we have shelving units available to rent to you.

The shortest period is 13 weeks. To keep our rates low, we have 4 fixed periods. In each instance you pay the full period up front, You can choose a 13 week, 26 week, 39 week, or 52 week store period. You can vacate within the period, but won’t be eligible for a refund.

There is no VAT. for you to pay.

We supply you a high-security straight shackle padlock and 2 keys. It’s your choice if you prefer to use your own.

Nobody. The lock comes with only 2 keys. You have both. Our containers are fitted with steel padlock boxes for additional security, helping protect the lock from being tampered with.

(Warning:- If you lose the keys, you will be responsible for the locksmith’s bill to gain entry as well as reimbursing us the damaged lock, and not forgetting that you will need a replacement lock.)

Irrelevant of the size of the unit, we do require a £100 deposit, which is returnable. Otherwise there are no extras.

At the end of the period we do expect back from you an, empty, clean and totally undamaged container, together with the padlock and both keys, in addition to any other keys which you may have had cut. Following which within 14 days your deposit will be returned (without interest).

We have no facilities for credit card payments, so it will need to be a cleared cheque, which may take several days, or you may pay with cash or by BACS.

Just give us a call. We will meet you on site, and we can reserve a container for your use. When you are ready to proceed, we will need to see and scan a copy of :-

  • Your passport or a photocard driving licence,
  • A utility bill (not a mobile phone bill),
  • You will need to read, confirm your understanding, and sign our clear and uncomplicated Licence to Store Agreement,
  • We will need the full up front charge together with the £100 returnable deposit.

If you want the container quickly, your payment will need to be in cash, or BACS, for which you will obviously be given a receipt, in addition to 1 high security padlock with 2 keys, and access to the yard, all giving you immediate access to your individual storage unit.

No problem. We will simply start a new agreement for whatever fixed term you require. Please give us as much notice as you can, so that we can arrange for you to continue in your existing unit.

We will endeavour to remind you before that date, to ask your intentions. But at the end of the day the onus to remember is directly on you alone.

Drop us a line